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Greetings from President

Susumu Saito President of the Japan Ergonomics Society (June 2012 – )

The Japan Ergonomics Society started in 1964 with Ko-ichi Motokawa, who later served as president at Tohoku University, as its president, and Masamitsu Oshima, a professor at the University of Tokyo, as its secretary-general as well as executive director. Then in 1973 Oshima was appointed president, and he played a leading role in research, education and practical activities in the ergonomics field during his 8-term or 22-year tenure as president. He was going to be awarded the emeritus title for his tremendous performance inside and outside Japan, but most regrettably passed away on May 1 this year. He was certainly a man of enthusiasm with a great pioneering spirit and sense of humor, not to mention exceptional talent. On behalf of the JES members, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the guidance he gave us over the years and our deepest condolences on his passing.

In his book, 85 Years of a Human Scientist, which was published in 2000 commemorating his 85th birthday, Oshima says “If we stop, there will be no progress; we should keep going.” These phrases from our great predecessor will be remembered as valuable advice so that the JES will never forget to “keep advancing” in contributing further to society as a corporate body.

The Japan Ergonomics Society made a fresh start as a general corporate juridical body in July, 2009, and is now in its 2nd term which began in June, 2010. As it was established as a corporate body, the Japan Ergonomics Society which had lasted into its 17th term as a private organization was dissolved on March 31, 2010. Now, as an academic body entitled to be a general corporate juridical body, the JES will continue to carry out programs that are high in public interest, promoting further industry-academia-government collaboration.

As symbolized in usability and human-centered design, the JES has been conducting various activities in different fields to realize a healthy and safe society. The JES journal “Ergonomics,” which provides its members with opportunities to publish their achievements in research, and the proceedings of its annual conferences and other meetings are now accessible online from Journal@rchive or J-STAGE, which allows for practical application of those achievements. The JES also contributes domestically and internationally to the operation of the ergonomics specialist certification system and the establishment of international standards of ergonomics (ISO) as well as national standards of ergonomics (JIS) by providing expertise and being involved in discussions and suggestion making on those issues.

Ergonomics (also known as human factors) is a practical technology which is useful in making living environments comfortable to work and live in and in developing safe and easy-to-use machines and products. Aiming at practical application of ergonomics, the JES will continue to update the achievements obtained from our activities. If you, the JES members or non-members, have any requests or comments regarding ergonomics or our organization, please feel free to contact us at the JES administrative department.


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