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About the JES journal “Ergonomics”

JES journal “Ergonomics

“Ergonomics” is issued every even-numbered month, 6 times a year, in A4 size. Contributions, such as reviews, original articles, short communications, notes and technical notes, need to be reviewed by referees. Contributions can also be made in English. See the instructions for authors for more details.
Accepted articles are published in quite a short time, usually in several months. The JES’s editorial staff is awaiting contributions from various researchers. Contributions should be addressed to the editorial committee office of the JES’s 17th executive.

Besides the above five types of papers and notes, “Ergonomics” also publishes comments on trends in research and technological development outside Japan, participants’ reports of international academic meetings related to the ergonomic field, reports from committees of the JES, book reviews, and so on.

The journal cover was designed by Asao Komachiya (former professor at Tokyo University of the Arts). He was asked to create this design by late Masamitsu Oshima (former director of the Institute for Health Science) when Oshima was the chairman of the JES. Our logo design is one that the JES members voted for from among the entries that were also made by JES members.


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