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Greetings from President

Yoshinoti HORIE President of the Japan Ergonomics Society (June 2016 – )

I have assumed the position of the president of the board for the fifth term (2016 – 2017) at the Japan Ergonomics Society (JES). I intend to put every effort in making the JES much more attractive to its members, while implementing our ongoing policy of activating the society at the same time.

For the fifth term, under the slogan of “Without stopping, towards a more attractive society,” we have set the following targets: (1) Quick response and dispatch of the message to diversified social needs and needs of technology and science, and (2) Expand the Ergonomics and Human Factors areas of activities and the membership of the organization. To address these issues, the JES innovation and strategy committee are established temporarily, and the medium and long-term vision will be considered about the state of the organization operation which plans for an increase of the JES activities. In addition, we will establish an exploratory committee for ethical guidelines for the Ergonomics and Human Factors study which discuss the revision of “the ethical guidelines for a human engineering study” enforced in 2009 in order to keep up with the diversification of a study and the change in social movement. As for Ergonomics and Human Factors network reinforcement, internationally, we will seek to strengthen the ties with ergonomics societies in Asia, as well as contributing to the activities of the IEA (President Yushi Fujita). In addition, we have another important job of preparing for the Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Designs, which will be held in Japan in 2017. We will, of course, continue our efforts in correcting regionally uneven distribution of the members and activities so that the number of the JES members and its activities can expand further. We would deeply appreciate it if many of you, including the members, would kindly support us


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