International Conference on PIE

1st Conference
May 30 - June 1, 1996 : the University of Wuppertal, Germany
2nd Conference
Oct. 7-8, 1998 : Keihanna Plaza, Japan, located within the triangle Osaka-Nara-Kyoto
3rd Conference
July 30, 2000 : San Diego, USA, in conjunction with the IEA2000
4th Conference
Sep. 22, 2002 : Glasgow, Scotland, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the British Psychophysiological Society
5th Conference
Sep. 19, 2004 : New Orleans, USA, in conjunction with the HFES2004
Papers Titles and Authors To obtain a copy of the abstracts, please contact Rob Henning
6th Conference
July 13-14, 2006 : Maastricht, The Netherlands, in conjunction with the IEA2006
PIE 2006 Program Copies of the Proceedings are available. Please contact Shinji Miyake
7th Conference
Sep. 21, 2008 : New York City, USA, in conjunction with the HFES2008
PIE 2008 Program

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